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Publicity With Marketing for Good Measure

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PR Monthly Retainer: $500/month 

Playlisting Campaign: $250

We are one of the newest, brightest, and most affordable PR agencies in SF. 


So, what is the PR strategy? Basically, we use our copy and email skills to write the perfect “pitch”, or email touting your accomplishments or what makes you newsworthy. We pitch blogs, podcasts, a mix of small and large publications from traditional and new media. All this goes to building your media relationship repertoire. 

media relationship

In the first month, you can expect to be featured more than once. Within three months you’ll be on blogs, podcasts, and maybe even in good old-fashioned print! Your media relationship status will be on point. We can modify it to get you quoted in industry publications as well. That’s not a price modification, that’s just us using every tool in our arsenal. We are one of the most dynamic and adaptable PR agencies in SF. 

What will you gain from this notoriety? With Forge, it’s all about the tangible. Musicians will see increased streams, business owners will see more leads and web traffic. You’ll become “someone”, and so will your films or products! For musicians, we also handle playlist submission and pitching. Getting you directly onto YouTube and Spotify playlists will, well, streamline your streams. 

As far as PR agencies in SF go, we are one with an excellent media relationship, cutting edge and unique tactics, and a track record of success. Combine this service with others and you’ll be shocked how fast you meet your goal. Use this service a la carte and, well, you’ll still be shocked at how quickly you meet your goal and grow your media relationship--the most important relationship you can build in business.