Press and Playlisting Strategy

We are now offering a publicity strategy. Through this strategy we do a lot of outreach trying to get you on podcasts, featured and interviewed in blogs and publications, partnered with influencers, and, for musicians, playlisted. For other agencies, this is a strictly outreach service and nothing is guaranteed. We are willing to guarantee you at least two placements across all media. This means a podcast and a blog feature, or a guest post and a playlist, etc. 

Benefits to this service include establishing your brand and establishing yourself as an expert. Streams or sales have been known to increase, and you'll see increased website traffic. The power of becoming well-known and talked about is second to none for marketing. We at Forge can establish you as a media heavyweight and improve your career with it. 

To get a unique price quote and pitch, contact us and tell us a bit about yourself or your brand.