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Forge Collective Agency’s aim is to use constant innovation and cutting edge marketing to achieve tangible results like streams or web traffic for its clients in the music and other industries. 

About ForgeCollective

In 2017, Vince (the owner of Forge) felt called to action. With zero marketing training outside of a couple of classes, he took to Instagram and Twitter to spread political calls to action, event and donation information, and generally keep people politically engaged. Through this project, Vince got really good at Instagram marketing. 

Aside from Instagram marketing, Vince had always been a writer. His personal blog was “discovered” by a local realtor who immediately hired him to write for his blog. Vince began selling content writing as a service and got really good at pinpointing what people expect and using SEO and keywords in his writing. Around this time, he began finding people willing to pay for his Instagram marketing skills. 

Through selling his Instagram marketing and blog content services, Vince got really good at other marketing tactics. He offered these services, like email; influencer campaign management; and press pushes, for free when he could and eventually had built up enough stats and case studies to sell the services successfully. 

After his first project, Mercury Content Marketer, no longer seemed appropriate to carry on with, Vince started Forge Collective, an agency built up of freelancers where Vince calls himself The Head Freelancer. This was based on his passion for new music, and specifically for connecting people to new music. Vince plans to split Forge Collective into two sites: one dedicated to music marketing, the other to business. But for now he sells business and music marketing right here.


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