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As Instagram managers, we do it all: run contests and unique campaigns, run influencer campaigns and ads, send personal DMs, build your tribe with authentic interaction, and handle content and stories. Our Instagram marketing strategy is built on being authentic and caring. 

Our Instagram strategy for growth is the industry standard, and we offer everything available with Instagram management as an a la carte service for those who just need help with the little stuff: running ads, a bit of growth, original content, influencer campaigns, contests, and more. Head to our price list for the full list of Instagram services. Our Instagram managers are experts and can handle any aspect of your Instagram. Just reach out and tell us what you need and we'll tailor an Instagram strategy to your needs. 

With Instagram management, we'll slowly and steadily build you a following of raving fans who will be advocates for your brand. We can use our in-depth knowledge of Instagram marketing strategies to turn Instagram into a sales, stream, or lead-achieving machine. Read on to get an in-depth explanation of Instagram management with Forge. 


Instagram Management with Instacollective is comprehensive and dedicated. Covering content and stories, authentic interaction, influencer campaigns and ads, growth, and whatever else you need (for example, some people need us to send messages on their behalf), your Instagram business manager can do it all. As an Instagram account manager, Instacollective believes in Instagram management with a purpose: to build your tribe, create buzz around your brand, and increase sales, streams, leads, or fans.


Your Instagram manager is your first line of marketing defense. Instagram business managers like us are dedicated to building your brand with content, growth, and a holistic and intelligent approach to Instagram. Insta managers can make anything you desire happen. Want a collage on your feed, an optimized bio, more clicks to the link in your bio? Go with an Instagram business manager. Instagram is THE place to build your brand. Instagram levels the playing field for big and small brands alike. Anyone can break out and leverage the app to business success. You just need a dedicated and experienced consultant by your side.

Instagram is so powerful compared with other social media sites because it can be methodically leveraged to actually boost your business. Our methods are tested, tried, and true. With authentic interaction, a combination of likes, comments and follows, and intelligent, valuable content and brand strategies, having your Instagram social media manager take care of your Instagram strategy for you ensures you’re freed up to run your business. Let your Instagram account manager take care of the details and the day-to-day of your first marketing line of offense (which is, of course, Instagram). You need an expert to get the most out of your marketing channels.

Instagram management creates a community feel between you and your customers or clientele. Your Instagram account manager can run influencer campaigns, answer or send DMs, and do whatever you need. Through responding to customer feedback, questions, and outreach, Instagram can be used as your networking and community-building hub. Your Instagram business manager can help out with getting the most out of this functionality, can quickly respond to customer concerns, and can help keep your brand trusted and respected—and even adored—on Instagram.

Your community on Instagram is your business’s best friend. An active and engaged Instagram account manager can handle authentic interaction and customer dissatisfaction for you. They can grow your following with people likely to interact with your brand as well. Strategy and Instagram go hand in hand. The right Instagram social media manager will know how to put you in front of the Instagram users who will love your brand. They will use innovations like contests, user-generated content, and more to help you succeed at Instagram.


Instacollective is a young, dynamic brand that rolls with the punches of Instagram’s changing landscape and algorithm. All of our methods are updated to reflect Instagram’s new limits to growth-defining interaction. We have experience getting streams, making sales, and even getting people to call their congressman on Instagram. We believe Instagram can be leveraged in a powerful way for any cause, interest, or small business.

Instacollective uses industry standards to grow followings in a way that can help grow sales, streams, leads, or fans. By targeting the right people, we get you the right fans. It’s really that simple: we know how to target the right people for any business or creative project. This comes down mostly to intelligent use of hashtags and competitor accounts. Armed with our lists of tags and accounts, we can use Instagrams search feature to find exactly the right people to interact with. And growth comes down to interaction. With our combinations of likes, follows, and comments, we have doubled engagement and story views for our clients and achieved great success.

Instacollective is a very small operation, so we can offer fast turnaround times on anything you need, can tailor our work and services to your needs, and are very responsive and communicative.

Instacollective as an Instagram business manager offers every single service listed on this site as part of its monthly Instagram management package. If you go with us for Instagram management, you won’t only get growth and content strategies, you’ll also have someone skilled at running ads, contests, and influencer campaigns. These areas are where you’ll make your biggest gains. Growth and content go a long way, but influencer campaigns, ads, and contests are what set the experts apart from the brands who don’t make any progress with Instagram.


Still have doubts? These statistics are sure to convince you.

Marketers who invest the most time (40 or more hours per week) on social media are 42% more focused on Instagram than casual marketers (Jumper Media).

This means that marketers that believe in social media and keep it front and center in their strategy are spending most of their social media marketing efforts on Instagram. This is why we focus solely on Instagram, and offer no other types of social media management. We believe in Instagram with a passion, and according to this stat, we’re right to.

Ad Recall is 2.8 times higher on Instagram than industry norms (Jumper Media)

This is a great reason to go with an Instagram account manager who can run your ad campaigns for max success. Even when it comes to digital ad spend, Instagram offers more bang for your buck.

85% of top brands use Instagram

So you should, too!

Instagram boasts 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter

While we’re the first to tell you engagement isn’t everything, it is a big deal. The rate of engagement on Instagram is another reason why you should go with an Instagram social media manager. Engagement is a pretty reliable metric, and on Instagram takes the form of likes and comments. The more people liking and commenting on your posts, the better you’re doing from Instagram’s perspective. High engagement can also correlate to high brand awareness.