Instagram Feed on Website - Free Wordpress Plugin

Instagram Feed Embed


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How-to video and materials are in the zip file. 

This is a wordpress plugin only. 

Ever wonder how to get your Instagram feeds on your website? Forge has an app for that! Our Instagram feed embed tool allows you to display your Instagram feed beautifully on your website. 

This is a totally free tool, Forge’s little way of thanking you for visiting our website. Why embed your Instagram feed on your website? 

For eCommerce: Display your shoppable products a second time on your website. Consider also that people are more entertained by an Instagram feed than an online shop. The Instagram feed embed will make people love your website and your products. 

For Film: Take people behind the scenes and blog about your film with Instagram feeds on your website. 

For Music: Share videos, covers, behind the scenes of your creation process to your website without having to do the work of uploading them. 

For Cannabis: Show off your creative marketing and increase leads. 

For any business, having Instagram feeds on your website is simply a good look. It shows that you’re modern and relevant, as Instagram is the most popular social media platform for several demographics. And, put simply, it looks good. Having your Instagram feed on your website is like killing two birds with one stone: your Instagram doubles as, or bolsters, your blog. It keeps people on your website longer, which is how you truly capture their attention. That’s right: it can increase leads and engagement, even sales, streams, and more. Download this and boost your business today.