Indie Music Publicity: What It Is, What We Do

indie music publicity

Forge manipulates the media to get you featured in it. We work with blogs, playlists, influencers, and radio and podcasts. Each campaign comes with guaranteed results, which in this case are the features themselves. In any given campaign you’ll get a minimum of 3-4 media features, and sometimes get more. We run our services as one-off campaigns but would love for you to have us on retainer. 

The perks of these campaigns include: Something tangible to show booking agents, labels, and other industry gatekeepers. Build your brand and exposure organically via being treated as a friendly recommendation. Sometimes metrics such as streams increase. Building real fans slowly and steadily. 


Music blogs are still the number one way to get your music out there. Music blog submissions only work when we target the right blog the right way, and that’s where Forge comes in. We curate a list of outlets to target using our most trusted directories, in-house contact lists, and email lists from Forge-verified brands. We also research blogs to make sure we’re submitting everything they want in the way they want to receive it, so nothing goes ignored.  When we submit music to blogs, it gets heard. 


An influencer campaign is some of the most organic and impactful music marketing campaigns you can do. Modern music marketing means more than tapping into social media these days. You can’t just post album artwork and get 1000 likes and 200 followers. You’ve got to recommend yourself through a partnership with someone more famous than you are. Modern music marketing is all about partnerships and recommendations, or word of mouth. And to tap into social media means to follow the trends. Content without promotion is out. Working with those with more clout is in. 


Indie music publicity in this decade absolutely hinges on playlisting, but playlist promotion services can be dicey. Using a combination of vetted earned (free features) and paid (features that cost) media/playlists allows us to cover our bases and get you on active, organic playlists. Our playlist plugging services net real exposure on Spotify. Spotify playlists are the top method of indie music publicity out there. And since you’ve got a full-fledged indie music publicity service on your side, we can negotiate for extra perks for you, such as a top spot. We’ll get you on Spotify playlists, your music will do the rest. 


How to get your song played on the radio? Click check out, and we’ll be in touch within fourteen hours to get some information and links from you. We’ll get to know you as best we can and craft it into multiple perfect pitches so you can get played on the radio. With our carefully curated lists, we’ll make sure to reach out to the shows who compliment your sound.