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Indie Publicity Experts

Forge works with unsigned and indie artists, slowly building music careers as we get you media spots


What Indie Publicity Is &
What We Do

Indie Music Publicity is the act of getting newer, unsigned, and signed-to-indie-label musicians into the media: blogs, playlists, influencers, and podcasts. We reach out to and build relationships with the media leveraging unique avenues such as social media to net you guaranteed features. Repeated exposure in the media builds real fans over time. We believe in the 1000 True Fans Model: With 1k dedicated fans, you can sustain yourself with your music. We work to get you there from the moment you sign on.

Our Relationships Move Your Music
We are always building relationships with bloggers and podcasters to get you featured fast
Media Pitching At It's Finest
We also reach out cold to open new avenues, using social media to open us up to infintely more opportunities

Three Ways To Succeed

Single Publicity Campaign (One-Off)

Guaranteed features = guaranteed results x exposure. With one campaign promoting one single or release, you'll gain something real to show booking agents, A&R, managers, any industry gatekeeper. You can even expect your bookings to increase.

Monthly Subscription/Retainer

When you take us on board full time, we handle every thing you need to have together to make a successful campaign. You'll have us on hand for every release, creating new pitches and press releases. You'll get the full benefit of our expertise. In the retainer option, the perks of the campaign option carry over, but we're also slowly and steadily building you new fans through repeated exposure.

Money Saver: Pay-Per-Feature

With pa-per-feature, you can go one feature at a time to slowly build your online profile, as promotion budget becomes available.

We Tell Your Story


We get to know you as best we can

When you sign on with us, we get a comprehensive view of who you are as an artist. We get familiar with your music and figure out which blogs are right not just for your genre, but for your sound. 

We Craft Your Brand Through Story

As our client, we ask the right questions to learn your story and turn it into your brand. We write bios, pitches, and press releases that reflect who you are 

We Know How To Build Your Career

As a small artist, you can make big gains targeting small to midsized blogs, which is what we focus on. 

Pricing: Ask about Our Secret Services including $80/Feature Option

1 Campaign: $450
  • 4 Blog posts
  • PDF with campaign results to show booking agents, etc.
  • Potential for increase in streams from 1k-10k
  • Reach of 100,000-1m
  • Budget of $100+ Required
1 Campaign: $250
  • 3 Playlists
  • Minimum total followers 25k
  • Gain exposure and build a foundation
  • Potential for streams
  • Something to show the industry to get them to work with you
  • Budget of $150+ required
1 Campaign $200
  • Budget of $200+ required
  • 3 influencers
  • Fully-managed campaign
  • Social media growth
  • The right kind of exposure
  • Potential for streams and monthly listeners
1 Campaign $600
  • Budget not required
  • Get the right indie fans by getting on the right indie podcasts
  • 4 Podcasts per campaign
  • Something tangible to show the industry
Random Mix of Media
1 Campaign $500
  • 5 Media Spots, $100+ budget required
  • Potential for radio play
  • Something to show booking agents, etc.
  • Potential for increase in streams and monthly listeners
  • 5 Fully Managed Publicity Strategy
  • Someone there for every release
  • Get featured every month
  • Build fans (streams, monthly listeners, etc), get booked, signed, get what you want out of music
Single Feature
  • Get exposure on a pay-as-you-go basis
  • Choose from blog, podcast, or playlist
  • Get featured as much as you want
  • Slowly build a portfolio/EPK and show the music industry who you are and what you can do

Metrics That Matter

Our achievement in the journey depicted in numbers
Streams to date
Features/Media Spots
shows booked for our artists in one month
Years in the music biz