Forge for Music

Forge for Music 

What if you could increase exposure and name recognition while increasing your streams and views? It’s not an unattainable dream. In fact, for our clients, it’s a reality. We use both classic and modern marketing techniques, and put our own spin on them to tailor them to music. Through marketing, we increase streams, views, downloads, fans, and awareness. 

How exactly does marketing achieve this? Through ongoing communications - with blogs and podcasts, over email and social media, in ads, etc. We are using the power of the written word, along with celebrity influence, to get people to give you a listen. We are pitching, copywriting, and outreach experts. 

Your music is our why. Marketing is our how.

music promotionWe have experience in the music industry with all kinds of marketing and promotion techniques. 

We started around Instagram & influencers and, as new opportunities popped up, we took advantage of them and honed our skills in other areas. Now we run successful media strategies and influencer campaigns above all else, though below you’ll see what else we offer.

You can buy music business services from us a la carte, or you can subscribe to our marketing services. 

What You Get With the Monthly Subscription:

The music business is rough. We’re one of the few music marketing companies who’s mission is to lighten your load. We’re also one of the few music marketing companies that offer guarantees where we can. You can count on us for your music business development, which is exactly what we do. In the first month, we can set you up with an easy-to-cultivate online presence. Not to mention run the strategies you need to stand out as a musician. 

Those strategies are:

Influencer campaigns: Grow streams and fans ($150)

Media Strategy: Grow exposure and streams. Get interviewed everywhere. ($300)

Email: Setting it up for list-building and growing your list. Email campaigns are tailored to music and are a great way to get current fans listening. ($150)

Instagram: Grow and keep up with fans ($500/month)

Music industry advertising: Get traffic and streams (Starting at $75)

Shopify web-building: Shopify is a great web builder for music and you need a website! ($400)

DELUX RETAINER: All services listed on this page and website, plus branding, more socials, project management, and whatever we can come up with. Contact for custom pricing.