Forge for Film

Forge for Film

Creative and Film Expertise

We’re creatives and writers (including screen) with expertise in creative projects and, yes, film promotion specifically. And we’re big believers that marketing is a creative undertaking. We try to infuse creativity into all that we do. For example, we apply influencer marketing to film. We can get influencers to go to premieres and film festivals, and otherwise work with film companies. Film promotion with Forge is creative and powerful.

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How We Market Your Films

There are no shortage of way we can handle film promotion. If you want to go traditional, we can build you a list of emails of fans and do some clever email marketing, where we don’t just promote the films, but offer news and content that will keep readers coming back until we’re ready to promote a film. And staying in communication with that list will make them more open to film promotion. 

Film companies can also look to Forge for press and media strategy. We are pitching and outreach experts and have successfully applied that to getting films in the media. From podcasts and blogs to bigger publications, tell us your film promotion goals and we can make it happen. 

We also love indie film and our founder, Vince, grew up watching films like Wristcutters and Heathers. We are passionate about film and film companies! 

There’s also ads, Instagram, and web-building & branding. 

Branding: Essentials Package $250

Influencer Campaign: $200

Email set up and execution: $200

Email campaigns: Starting at $100

Ad campaign: $100

Copy and blogging: $100

Media Strategy: $300

Instagram Management: $500/month

DELUX RETAINER: All services listed on this page and website, plus branding, more socials, project management, and whatever we can come up with. Contact for custom pricing.