Forge for eCommerce

Forge for eCommerce

We at Forge have ecommerce marketing backgrounds, and we’re putting them to use as your set-up and copywriting wizards. We build entire Shopify eCommerce businesses from the ground up, including adding your every. single. product. We have been copy experts for years and don’t just set up your Shopify, we do the SEO and the copy, including every. single. product description.

We can set you up with apps, tools, and plug-ins for email marketing, digital downloads, landing pages, and so much more. Ecommerce Marketing has never been so streamlined. Shopify is easy to use and versatile, and we do two things with that: help you and teach you. Our monthly fee for maintaining your Shopify is highly competitive and affordable. And we’ll teach you how to engage in Shopify marketing for free. 

We also offer free basic SEO, so your Shopify marketing never turns off. SEO means using copywriting and keywords, and checking off certain boxes from the set up of your website. Your eCommerce business needs SEO to get started, and this is usually costly and time consuming. We do streamlined SEO, or the basics. 

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We write your meta descriptions, ensure your URLs are optimized, write your copy, optimize your headers, and more for your ecommerce business. All this works to ensure that your ecommerce business ranks a little higher on Google. It’ll take time and informed blogging to get you to page one, but we can advise.

Get a beautiful ecommerce website on the cheap. Shopify starts at $29.99/month, and it is much more affordable to build than a wordpress website, looks great, and gets the job done

Full Shopify Build: $400

Monthly Maintenance fee: $50

Just SEO copy and basics: $75

Influencer Campaign: $300

Email Set up + Campaign: $200

Email Campaigns: Starting at $100

Media Strategy: $300

DELUX RETAINER: All services listed on this page and website, plus branding, more socials, project management, and whatever we can come up with. Contact for custom pricing.