Forge for Cannabis

Forge for Cannabis

From the very beginning, as Mercury Marketer, Forge has excelled in the cannabis industry asa cannabis marketing company. From tech platforms to CBD and even a smokeshop, Forge has learned how to market in an industry you can’t advertise in (at least not in the bigger, more familiar places like Facebook). Read on to see how we advertise your cannabis business.

We Can Advertise Your Cannabiz

Cannabis advertising is not forbidden everywhere, and not in every form, and we know where to go. From guest posts to prominent cannabis websites to banner and display ads placed on cannabis websites, you won’t feel bad for a second that you’re not on Google Ads (Google Keyword Planner doesn’t even find cannabis keywords. It literally cannot process them. For this reason it is so important to engage in cannabis advertising where you can. Forge is one cannabis marketing company that knows how to advertise. 

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We Can Advertise Your Cannabiz on Instagram and social, too

Cannabis and Instagram can seem like oil and water sometimes. Cannabis advertising is specifically prohibited in their advertising policies, and Instagram routinely deletes cannabis accounts for violating other policies. 

BUT! There is still a great way to sponsor your products on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and other socials. And that’s with influencers. There is a vast network of cannabis advertisers who turn their feeds into catalogs of other peoples’ products. Get your product on an influencers’ feed and you are all but guaranteed results. We run influencer campaigns for max success, including creating your sales mechanisms like landing pages. 

What else do we do for cannabis? Run your Instagram, handle your email marketing, and get you featured in the media. This is one full-service cannabis marketing company. 

Ads: $100 per campaign

Influencer campaigns: $200

Email set up and execution: $200

Email campaigns: starting at $100.

Instagram Growth: $300/month

Instagram management: $500/month

Media Strategy: $400

DELUX RETAINER: All services listed on this page and website, plus branding, more socials, project management, and whatever we can come up with. Contact for custom pricing.