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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What has Forge done for other artists?

Most importantly, we’ve gotten over 100 features across all our clients in one year in operation. We have achieved a total of over 200,000 streams for our clients. We have gotten our clients over 50,000 monthly listeners

Which blogs can you get me on?

We pick a variety of blogs to reach out to based on the genre and community you want to be in, curating the perfect list with up-to-date databases, directories, and social media. 

How does pricing work?
One-time campaign, retainer (monthly recurring), or pay-per-feature

Equity discounts: For veterans, women, BIPOC, LGBT+  

What if I can't swing the campaign cost?

We have payment plans: monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly. No interest or fees. 

What song should I promote?

Your release, or your favorite.