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Contact us for your free email marketing proposal or to get started with Forge Email Marketing. 

We handle everything email: cold emails, email newsletters, drip campaigns (see below for definitions), and even premium content (again, see below) so you can collect emails. We can set everything up for you, and walk you through the rest! 

Once you have an email list, try a drip marketing campaign with Forge. A drip marketing campaign is a sequence of emails sent one right after the other that move the reader closer to an offer or call to action (a discount, ebook download, etc). We run very unique email drip campaigns (ask us about our "Soap Opera Sequence"). We can also handle your newsletter strategy for just $150/month (which gets you three newsletters). 

We'll also write your cold emails for you. You just need to buy a list. We'll even send the emails! Cold emails are emails to someone who has not signed up to your list, someone who doesn't know you. 

Why Use Email Marketing At All? 

Email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter. It has one of the highest Returns on Investment of any marketing medium. That means you'll get more out of it all while having to put less into it. 

For musicians, email marketing services solve a lot of problems. Your fans want to hear from you. Tell the story of your life and keep fans interested with email sequences and newsletters. 

Email is a way for you to show who you are as a musician--or a brand. It is a versatile and unique promotional tactic. Let your personality shine in email copy or show your brand doing something good for its community with email. 

Again, for musicians as well as for commerce (think CBD), it is pretty easy to get emails. For musicians, you can collect them at shows, and they collect themselves on platforms like CDBaby and Bandcamp. For commerce, you collect them every time someone makes a purchase. You own your list, and these people are expecting to hear from you. No one's annoyed to get your emails. And we can market to them again and again without them showing much fatigue. 

Why Email Marketing With Forge?

I have read that email marketing is like walking into a retail store looking for a birthday gift for a child. Most of the time, when walking into a store and being asked by an employee if they can help find something, people decline assistance. But if you walk into a toy store with no idea of what to get, and that sales person asks that same question, it's a welcome interruption and people accept the help. 

That employee is doing their job, and we all recognize that. So when you're sending an email, receivers of that email understand what you're doing--maybe too well. So what you've got to do is create a scenario where your email is a welcome interruption. This is how and why email marketing works. Forge is an expert at this. 

Email is not going away. It is, however, changing. And what's changing the most about it is how savvy the average consumer or business is when confronted with email marketing. This means that email marketers have to be more clever with subject lines, strategies like drip sequences, and content. At Forge, we're up to date on the latest in email marketing strategy, and we're always updating our knowledge and email marketing services. This means we can stand out in an inbox and crush the competition. 

We have open rates at over 50%, and response/click rates at over 10%. That means if you have a list of 5000 people, up to and over 500 people will be moved to respond or learn more about your offer. 

We design emails with brevity and clarity in mind. We keep the graphics and visuals to a minimum and avoid anything flashy. Instead, we focus on engaging, converting copy and content. Finally, we put a ton of effort into our subjects, and it pays off big! 

The Story of Forge & Email Marketing

Email marketing services with Forge are taken care of by the owner, Vince, himself. He got into email marketing strategy when a CPR company found his blogging business (Mercury Content Marketer, the forefather of Forge) and asked if he could take care of some email needs. After getting consistently well-performing results with both cold emails (those sent to someone who has not given you their email, and instead you found or purchased the email) and emails to his owned list, he began using email marketing in his own business. 

Vince soon found that once you start building that list, the game changes. He began creating his own premium content (longer content with extra value such as a checklist, cheat sheet, guide, or ebook that you can give away in exchange for email addresses using a pop-up or landing page) and giving it away through a sequence of welcome emails. He also built his email list through Instagram DMs. And he soon saw the power of email marketing strategy for making sales. As time went on, he got more and more email experience under his belt and when he opened Forge, decided to make email one of its core services. 

Email Marketing Terms Defined:

Cold Email: An email to someone who has not given you their email directly. Usually this means to a list you've purchased, though there are other ways to find emails on your own and with web tools. 

Email Newsletter: The purpose of an email newsletter is to use valuable or promotional content to essentially remind those on your owned list (not bought but made) to listen, purchase, or take some desired action. 

Drip Campaign: A drip campaign is a sequence of emails sent one right after the other, usually around the course of about five days, that moves the readers closer and closer to completing a call to action (an action you'll ask them to take on the final email). 

Premium Content/Content Upgrade: Also called a content upgrade, this is a larger piece of content, often in the form of a cheat sheet, checklist, guide, or ebook. You give this away via a pop-up on your website and through automated emails.