Digital Marketing Price List


Instagram marketing

Management: Starting at $500/month for brands, discounts for musicians

Influencer Campaign professionally managed: $150-$300 depending on brand size + a budget to pay the influencers

Ads or contest management: $125

Original Content: $5/post with bulk discounts

Coaching Call and Crash Course with personal game plan, free resources, and ongoing support: $100. 


Branding: (See Branding page for more info)

brand identity

Brand Research: $300

Brand Identity and Visuals: $500

Brand Strategy: $600


email strategy

Three Email Newsletters (essentially one month of newsletters): $150-$250 depending on project requirements (ie: setting up and running the accounts, pop-ups, and other facets of an email strategy vs. just having to design the emails.)

Cold Emails: $75 to write; $100 to write and send

Email Drip Campaign (sequence of emails) up to 5 emails: $175

An email drip campaign is a sequence of emails that moves the reader closer and closer to the closing email's call to action or offer (discount, ebook, etc.)

Premium Content/Content Upgrade: $100-$300 depending on project size.

Give this away on your website for email addresses. We will set up what we can and walk you through the rest! 


Copy and Blogging (SEO-Friendly)/Tailorable To Musicians and CBD: 

seo copy

One piece of copy under 2000 words, including press releases and brand stories: $100

One page of a website up to 1000+ words: Starting at $150 for smaller brands and artists

Copy for your Entire Website: Starting at $1000; $2000 for ecommerce

Blog post: $100 each up to 1000+ words.

Other services: 

music videos

Designing a Media Kit or writing a press release: $100 

Press and Playlister Strategy--we'll get you well-known through podcasts, blogs and publications, guest posts, and playlisting: $600 for brands - $300 for musicians. Includes press release or media kit. 

Web Design: Starting at $1200; Starting at $2500 for ecommerce

Videography: Starting at $400/project, $500/music videos

YouTube Influencer Campaign: Starting at $300 + a budget to pay the influencers.