Digital Marketing Price List


Management: Starting at $400/month

Influencer Campaign professionally managed: $150-$300 depending on brand size + a budget to pay the influencers

Ads or contest management: $125

Original Content: $5/post with bulk discounts

Coaching Call and Crash Course with personal game plan, free resources, and ongoing support: $100. 

Growth: $40 for 400 followers (real, intelligently targeted followers). No commitment, repeat as often as you'd like. 


Three Email Newsletters (essentially one month of newsletters): $150-$250 depending on project requirements (ie: setting up and running the accounts, pop-ups, and other facets of an email strategy vs. just having to design the emails.)

Cold Emails: $75 to write; $100 to write and send

Email Drip Campaign (sequence of emails) up to 5 emails: $175

An email drip campaign is a sequence of emails that moves the reader closer and closer to the closing email's call to action or offer (discount, ebook, etc.)

Premium Content/Content Upgrade: $100-$300 depending on project size.

Give this away on your website for email addresses. We will set up what we can and walk you through the rest! 

Branding: (See Branding page for more info)

Brand Research: $300

Brand Identity and Visuals: $500

Brand Strategy: $600

Copy and Blogging (SEO-Friendly)/Tailorable To Musicians and CBD: 

One piece of copy under 2000 words, including press releases and brand stories: $100

One page of a website up to 1000+ words: $100

Copy for your Entire Website: Starting at $2000

Blog post: $75 each up to 1000+ words.


Other services: 

Designing a Media Kit or writing a press release: $100 

Press and Playlister Outreach (Get your media kits and press releases to the people that matter): $200

Web Design: Starting at $1200; Starting at $2500 for ecommerce

Videography: Starting at $400/project

YouTube Influencer Campaign: Starting at $300 + a budget to pay the influencers.