Clients and Campaigns


Tragically Magic: 50k streams & 20k monthly listeners

Tragically Magic has been involved with music for a while, but only in recent years began releasing music. It gained a bit of traction due to his use of music promotion. When Forge came on board to run the indie music promotion, the single they were promoting, From The Ashes, gained the same number of streams in just a month as his other songs had garnered in over a year. Starting off with a blog campaign, Forge got Magic on 5 blogs, one billed as an exclusive premiere (one of our hacks), and had announced him on a couple of others. At the end of the blog campaign, Magic had 30,000 streams on the track. Forge followed up with a playlisting campaign, and streams climbed up to over 42,000, and they continued to climb. We saved Magic at least $1,000 compared to his other options. Indie music promotion with Forge got him places.

Benedict Sinister: 80k streams

Benedict Sinister is most prominent in Europe and lives all around the globe, currently residing in Saudi Arabia. He began coming to Forge before it even existed for publicity. Our indie music PR campaigns promoted three singles over the course of a few months. Forge started with an influencer campaign, finding one perfect influencer who alone netted him 10,000 streams. Then we moved to blogs, onto playlists and eventually radio. Each indie music PR campaign won different amounts of streams ranging from 10,000-40,000. We worked with him to perfectly target just the right publications, and this was evident in a YouTube playlisting campaign that hit 20,000 streams right off the bat and kept growing to over 50,000. Forge has placed Benedict over 20 times. This client has achieved streams on three platforms with Forge: Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

Dream On: Just Enough Exposure To Take Off

After working with Forge, Andy, the frontman for Dream On, credits Forge with the band being booked through the end of the year. He attributes his radio plays to us, as well as the fact that, "bands are even copying our style." Nothing better proves the point that Forge builds indie careers.

CrushedVelvet: Back To Being Booked Post-COVID

After working with Forge for less than a month, CrushedVelvet returned to live music for the first time since the pandemic hit. She attributes her successes getting booked for shows to traction netted from Forge.