How To Support BIPOC Mental Health Month With Forge

minority mental health awareness

Mental health in marginalized communities is a serious issue. As just a couple of examples, BIPOC face barriers to care and discrimination within the healthcare and psychiatric care worlds, as well as high stigma both in and outside of their communities. Mental healthcare is healthcare, and healthcare is a human right. So we're doing something small in hopes of helping to level the field. 

July is BIPOC Mental Health Month 

Also known as Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, July gives us an opportunity to do good. I always like to take the intersectional approach, so with a percentage from our sales for the month, we'll be supporting 3 charities that deal with mental health in various and intersectional communities. Our options are: Decolonizing TherapyThe Asian Mental Health Project, and QTPOC Mental Health. 

A bit about them: 

Decolonizing Therapy provides a wide range of mental health services to the queer BIPOC community, even full-fledged retreats. Run by Dr. Jennifer Mullan, Decolonizing Therapy offers an intersectional approach to mental health and radical self-care. 

The Asian Mental Health Project's number one goal is to fight the same, stigma, fear, and guilt that come with being mentally ill when it intersects with heritage and culture. And they do this first through education. They also employ a clever use of storytelling as their main vehicle for leveling the field, and provide all kinds of important resources. 

QTPOC Mental Health works primarily with transgender people of color. They build communities and safe spaces to bring transgender BIPOC people a world of their own where they can flourish. It also provides help resources. And it's trans-led!

So, to make sure we make some sales and make these charities some money, I created four brand new "mini" services. We worked hard to curate 4 new services that are way more affordable than our traditional publicity services. And 5% of every service sold will be donated to the charity of your choice, and you'll get a screenshot or email receipt as confirmation. These services exist just to reduce financial barriers so you can promote your music and support a great cause. 

Or, you could do the reverse. Take a screenshot or forward the receipt of your direct donation for 20% off any service (including the big ones). Anything $5 and over qualifies.

Here are the direct donation links:


Decolonizing Therapy

The Asian Mental Health Project

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