Becoming Well Known (Top Service!)

Becoming Well-Known Publicity Strategy

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This is our number one service. It is effective, hackable, and skilled. 

The Becoming Well Known Publicity Retainer is $600/month Includes: 

Instagram growth

Influencer Campaign Management (As Needed)

Publicity Strategy

This retainer takes the three services and executes them to perfection and in concert. 

Instagram growth is designed to find you the right followers.These followers will be likely to enjoy your content and show some affinity for your brand. It all goes to bolster the other services in building your media relationship. You won’t need any PR products or anything. As we grow your account, we are mindful of which strategic accounts will help build your media relationship. We are happy to explain our strategy over the phone, DM, text, etc. Just head to our contact page. 

Influencer campaigns tap into the power of the social media famous. It’s better than any PR product out there. When we find you the influencers that are the perfect fit, it’s all but guaranteed that your campaign will be a success. As they are the new media, building an influencer relationship builds your media relationship. I’ve increased streams on the day of a campaign 100%, sales for the month 50%, garnered 8,000 video views with one influencer. There is nothing like influencer marketing. They are the new TV ads. 

Publicity means pitching you and your story to the right outlets, building your media relationship as we go without any costly PR products. We get you featured on blogs, podcasts, and if you’re a musician, playlists. This leads directly to sales, streams, leads, views, etc. If you are a person, we can tell your story in a way that gets results. We use only top-notch strategies and copy.