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What has Forge done for other artists?

Most importantly, we’ve gotten over 100 features across all our clients in one year in operation. We have achieved a total of over 200,000 streams for our clients. We have gotten our clients over 50,000 monthly listeners

Which outlets can you get me on?

We pick a variety of blogs to reach out to based on the genre and community you want to be in, curating the perfect list with up-to-date databases, directories, and social media.


Equity discounts: For veterans, women, BIPOC, LGBT+  

Do You Take A Percentage?

Agency's like Forge charge a direct fee, while manager's take a percentage. We are paid through a direct fee, either all-upfront or with a down payment.

What should I promote?

Your most recent, or an upcoming release. Otherwise, your favorite of your recent releases or most streamed song are great choices.