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The Forge Mission

Forge Collective's mission is to build the music careers of raw talent and seasoned artists alike, by using the media to net real fans. 

The Forge Vision

Forge's vision is to level the playing field for musicians and act as a great equalizer. Forge will make publicity accessible to those who couldn't otherwise afford it with innovative, lowered pricing models, payment plans, and a pay-per-feature option. 

The Forge Story

The Forge Agency began in 2020 when founder Vince Martellacci pivoted slowly from tech marketing to music publicity. With a pit stop in Instagram marketing for music, he found his clients needed help getting featured in indie media. His "Eureka" came when he saw results like he'd never seen in social media in that life-changing first campaign. 

 As he saw the power of music publicity, Vince decided to transition to it full-time, and worked for free or at a loss to get his foot in the door. Now, he boasts 200,000 streams for his clients to date and over 50,000 monthly listeners. Believing so much in the business, he incorporated in 2021 and is now on the adventure of seeking funding. And Forge has grown! We now boast an organization of three, where months ago it was just one freelancer. Now it's a sales guru, a marketing expert, and a CEO. "Freelancer to SEO in Six Months," there's a self-help book in there somewhere.

Before he created one of the best indie music promotion services in San Francisco, Vince started out as an activist, where he learned how to run a project and an organization. Running a local-focused blog for his own side business, he was discovered, so-to-speak, by a realtor who put him to work writing for him. Vince then pivoted that into a content business, pivoting that into an Instagram business and finally into a full-fledged marketing business. 

 But in tech, Vince was not creatively fulfilled or happy with the ins. and outs. People say music and tech aren't as glamorous as outsiders think, but Vince would add that tech is more not-glamorous. Vince determinedly began trying his hand in music and found he was able to improve quickly and substantially--he had found his home industry.