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Do This For The Clout. Forge's Media manipulators will get you reviews, interviews, and spots in:

Blogs x Mags

Podcasts x Radio


Influencer Accounts

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So What's Publicity? The Realest Form of Promotion.

Forge works with blogs, podcasts, playlists, radio, and influencers. 

We secure our clients “spots” on their platforms: blog posts reviewing their single, their music on a Spotify playlist, an influencer campaign promoting a release, a radio play, and so on.

Promote a single, EP, or album through the media and you’ll see that it’s more than indie music promotion. It’s real publicity, made accessible to newer artists. 

You are set up as a recommendation from a trusted source–and in a place where people are already going for music recommendations. 

Indie music promotion through the media can lead to bookings, real fans, label deals, manager interest, sync, and even your publicity taking on a life of its own and growing outside of the work we do. Promote a single, EP, or album by getting it in the media enough times, and you can build a real career for yourself.

 This all means one important thing: As we plan and execute your releases, you are freed up to do nothing but create. Your time as a creator and artist is valuable. You need to be in the studio, improving your sound, worrying about the mix and master. So we’ll worry about getting your music heard.

  • We Tell Your Real Story

    We start with writeups: a bio and/or a press release, and "pitch" templates (the body of the email or message we send). Then we start deciding who to reach out to that's the best fit for your music

  • Our Intake Makes You The Star

    We get to know you well, through a few interview questions that we turn into campaign content. We of course compile your music, photos, and socials, but most importantly we get an intimate understanding of your goals and hopes to work from.

  • Charming Journalists

    We make sure to build relationships with good media outlets as we go, and you benefit from those. Otherwise, we research the journalist and publication extensively to tailor our pitches.

  • What Do We Ask Of You?

    Just be willing to hold interviews as well as answer written interview questions. But it's our job not to bother you too much. 20 minute weekly check-in calls are always available.

Get Your 1,000 True Fans

1k True Fans Model - Make Music Your Job

There's this idea in music that once you've gained 1,000 true fans--who will pay you to create and fill up your shows--music can be your job. This is something we're always working toward. Publicity is an on-going process that never stops making a real difference.

Touchpoints - Making Success Snowball

Everything we do hinges on this wild marketing concept of “touchpoints.” It's a marketing concept that applies to music.  In marketing, touchpoints mean the amount of times people need to have contact with ads and communications from a brand before they’ll take them seriously and make a purchase. 

 The magic number of times is seven. This 100% applies to music, too. They need to hear your music seven times before they become a monthly listener. Forge’s job is to create these touchpoints over and over again until listeners realize how much they love you and add you to the rotation.It takes time, but it works.

Get Shared. Crush Goals.

Forge gives you a real document to send around to booking agents, labels, managers, and film and TV sync companies. 

Our clients have seen an increase in bookings, many going from zero up to 5-10 month. 

And you can start going after those bookings just a month after starting with Forge. 

Basically, we’re working to show traction to the industry. Your traction these days is built up of mostly your online presence: your web, social, and digital media presence. Forge works tirelessly on digital media presence. 

Showing your traction shows you’re worth working with, and the most powerful way to do that is through indie media

Single or Album Release Campaign (One Month)

Blogs/Magazines, Playlists, Radio, Podcasts, and Influencers
  • Multi-channel with emphasis on blogs and digital magazines
  • Focus on channel of your choice.
  • We promise to get you at least three quality media spots
  • EPK + campaign PDF to show industry heavyweights
  • Small ad campaign
  • Write-ups you can keep and reuse: bio, pitch, press release
  • Extra "small but mighty placements"
  • 1-4 payments

(Three Month) Single or Album Release Campaign

Blogs/Magazines, Playlists, Radio, Podcasts, & Influencers
  • Promote single, EP, or album
  • Multi-channel or channel of your choice.
  • EPK + Press Release Distribution
  • PDF at the end you can send to anyone in the industry you want to impress
  • Writeups you can keep and reuse: bio, pitch, press release
  • Min. 8 Media Spots
  • Plus we'll lock down one influencer
  • Two small social ad campaigns
  • Extra "small but mighty placements"
  • $2400 one-time fee, paid in installments if you prefer

Ongoing Monthly Retainer

Not just publicity. This is PR.
  • Work with us on a recurring basis under a monthly fee
  • Digital Presence Management, handling the IRL and the online world.
  • We'll be there to write or create anything you need as things change for you.
  • Work toward your goals, always.
  • Multi-Channel Publicity: playlists on all platforms, blogs, digital and print, radio, podcasts, and influencers
  • EPK + PDFs of your features
  • Writeups you can keep and reuse: bio, pitch, press release
  • Promote single, EP, album, live performances, and anything else as it comes up.
  • Use your time between releases to grow your career
$1250/month Get On The Roster