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Forge works to get unsigned and indie artists spots on indie media, steadily building your music until it’s your career.


Indie Media Agency: What We Do For Music

Forge works with blogs, podcasts, playlists, radio, and influencers. 

We secure our clients “spots” on their platforms: blog posts reviewing their single, their music on a Spotify playlist, an influencer campaign promoting a release, a radio play, and so on. 

Promote a single, EP, or album through the media and you’ll see that it’s more than indie music promotion. It’s real publicity, made accessible to newer artists. 

You are set up as a recommendation from a trusted source–and in a place where people are already going for music recommendations. 

 Indie music promotion through the media can lead to bookings, real fans, label deals and more. Promote a single, EP, or qlbum by getting it in the media enough times, and you can build a real career for yourself. 

 This all means one important thing: As we plan and execute your releases, you are freed up to do nothing but create. Your time as a creator and artist is valuable. You need to be in the studio, improving your sound, worrying about the mix and master. So we’ll worry about getting your music heard.

Find Your Place In The Music Industry With Publicity Campaigns


Making You a Working Musician

Is your dream to be famous? If so, go back to Google and move on from this site. 

Forge’s goal is to build you a career out of your music. We want to make this your full-time job. But we can’t, and aren’t interested in, making you famous. 

We work with people who want to make and play music because they love it and can’t imagine doing anything else. That’s why we choose indie media for indie artists. 

Over time, we turn those media spots into streams. Then the streams start to repeat until we’ve accumulated monthly listeners. 

And it snowballs into something beautiful from there. 

We increase your ability to get paid from your music not just by increasing these fans (monthly listeners), but through helping you get booked and achieve other goals. Promote your single in the media, promote yourself everywhere. 

Music promotion is not enough. You need real marketing. You need an indie media agency. 

You need Forge. 

Indie Media Agency: Get Booked. Crush Goals.

Forge gives you a real document to send around to booking agents, labels, managers, and film and TV sync companies. 

Our clients have seen an increase in bookings, many going from zero up to 5-10 month. 

And you can start going after those bookings just a month after starting with Forge. 

Basically, we’re working to show traction to the industry. Your traction these days is built up of mostly your online presence: your web, social, and digital media presence. Forge works tirelessly on digital media presence. 

Showing your traction shows you’re worth working with, and the most powerful way to do that is through indie media

Touchpoints: The Farther We Go, The More You Succeed

Finally, everything we do hinges on this wild marketing concept of “touchpoints.” It's a marketing concept that applies to music.  In marketing, touchpoints mean the amount of times people need to have contact with ads and communications from a brand before they’ll take them seriously and make a purchase. 

 The magic number of times is seven. This 100% applies to music, too. They need to hear your music seven times before they become a monthly listener. Forge’s job is to create these touchpoints over and over again until listeners realize how much they love you and add you to the rotation.It takes time, but it works.

Three Ways To Succeed

Indie Media Single Publicity Campaign (One-Off)

Guaranteed features = guaranteed results x exposure. With one campaign promoting one single or release, you'll gain something real to show booking agents, A&R, managers, any industry gatekeeper. You can even expect your bookings to increase.

Indie Media Agency Service: Monthly Retainer/Ongoing

When you take us on board full time, we handle every thing you need to have together to make a successful campaign. You'll have us on hand for every release, creating new pitches and press releases. You'll get the full benefit of our expertise. In the retainer option, the perks of the campaign option carry over, but we're also slowly and steadily building you new fans through repeated exposure.

Publicity Campaigns: Subscription "Starter Publicity" Shop

Our Subscription "Starter" Shop has services for those musicians who may not be as polished or as well-paid. Get a single feature or two, a pitching package, all your writeups done, or subscribe to curator contacts monthly. All offerings are offered as subscriptions or one-time purchases. We also have our list of music media databases. Just scroll to the top of the page and hit the shops at the bottom of the menu.
Subscription Shop:

Pricing: Ask about Our Secret Services including $80/Feature Option

1 Campaign: $450
  • 4 Blog posts
  • PDF with campaign results to show booking agents, etc.
  • Potential for increase in streams from 1k-10k
  • Reach of 100,000-1m
  • Budget of $100+ Required
1 Campaign: $250
  • 3 Playlists
  • Minimum total followers 25k
  • Gain exposure and build a foundation
  • Potential for streams
  • Something to show the industry to get them to work with you
  • Budget of $150+ required
1 Campaign $200
  • Budget of $200+ required
  • 3 influencers
  • Fully-managed campaign
  • Social media growth
  • The right kind of exposure
  • Potential for streams and monthly listeners
1 Campaign $600
  • Budget not required
  • Get the right indie fans by getting on the right indie podcasts
  • 4 Podcasts per campaign
  • Something tangible to show the industry
Random Mix of Media
1 Campaign $500
  • 5 Media Spots, $100+ budget required
  • Potential for radio play
  • Something to show booking agents, etc.
  • Potential for increase in streams and monthly listeners
  • 5 Fully Managed Publicity Strategy
  • Someone there for every release
  • Get featured every month
  • Build fans (streams, monthly listeners, etc), get booked, signed, get what you want out of music
Starter Publicity Subscriptions
$100/Feature | $20/100 contacts
  • Get exposure on a pay-as-you-go basis
  • Choose from blog, podcast, or playlist
  • Get featured as much as you want
  • Slowly build a portfolio/EPK and show the music industry who you are and what you can do

Metrics That Matter

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